Land for sale in Malaysia

Land for sale in Malaysia is a type of very sought after real estate property worldwide. Not only real estate land investors are buying lands for the capital appreciation potential, developers are land banking those highly potential land for their future housing developments.

Previous record of land sold shows that land investors normally scouting for smaller residential land for sale. Large developers buy agriculture land for land bank. The focus of land transactions in Klang Valley are mainly in a few area.

For development land, the booming area is focus on the southern Kuala Lumpur, namely Sungai Long, Kajang, Cheras, or even Sungai Besi. A lot of plots of land for sale are snapped up in a very short period of time.

Industrial land for sale, on another hand, is still goes back to the traditional industrial zoned lands. We’re seeing southern part of Klang, especially those lands nearer to highways are selling like hot cakes.

A notable raising start of industrial zoned lands is Olak Lempit, as known as MegaSteel Heavy Industrial Zone. We’re seeing large industry players are setting up their factories in Olak Lempit. Land plots for sale in previous quarters are now filled with new factory projects. It’s not surprising as these precious industrial zoned lands are strategically located merely 15 minutes from KLIA and linked by 3 different highways.

As for agriculture land, for sale lands are mainly large palm oil estate especially those in southern Malaysia. Agricultural land are typically being bought by large listed company for 3 real estate investment purposes:

  1. Capital appreciation when land price hike.
  2. Returns from plantation
  3. Future land use conversion to development

Commercial land sale are generally concentrate on high growth township such as North Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Subang, and Serdang. There are very high demand on commercial lands in KLCC Golden Triangle but the lands are so limited that the demand pushes the remaining sizable vacant land price to a new height.

Many novice investors are clueless on land buying criteria and process. How to by land which suites your need? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Commercial land, residential land, agriculture land or industrial land.
  2. Freehold land or leasehold land
  3. Land for own use or land for investment
  4. Long term investment or short term investment

By answering these investment questions, you’ll be able to realize specific type of lands to buy which suits your investment profile.

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