Large Land For Sale

Large land for sale. Call Law @ 010-2261608. Variety of investment opportunities readily fulfilling your real estate investment needs.

Please find the following real estate properties for sale in Malaysia currently available in the real estate market

Large Land

Banting - JugraFreeholdAgriculture77.96931,187,600.009.18Current status agriculture. Suitable for mixed development
Cameron - Batang PadangFreeholdAgriculture580.00058,000,000.002.30
Gua MusangLeaseholdAgriculture1000.0002,500,000.000.06Lease 50 years. License to extract timber and rubber plantation
Gua MusangLeaseholdAgriculture9650.00028,950,000.000.07Land is currently cleared and not planted. Rights to plan either oil palm or rubber tree or both
Gua MusangLeaseholdAgriculture10000.00050,000,000.000.11Land currently has forest tree. Rights to extract timber and rubber plantation
Johor - KahangFreeholdAgriculture5498.500234,264,745.000.98Oil palm estate with oil palm mill. Fully planted with oil palm tree ranging from age 3-7. 42 minutes drive from Kahang town. Sell with equipment, mill & skillful workers. Lock, stock, and barral.
Kuala KraiLeaseholdAgriculture1000.0001,200,000.000.03Lease 50 years. License to extract timber and rubber plantation
Kuantan - GebangFreeholdIndustrial250.000163,350,000.0015.00Fully converted. Sold with infrastructure. In close proximity to the Kuantan Port. Established industrial park in the East Coast.Zoned for petrochemical-based industries. 3 sizes: 125 acres, 62 acres, and 3 acres
Melaka - Alor GajahLeaseholdAgriculture180.00016,200,000.002.07
MoribFreeholdAgriculture800.000280,000,000.008.03Well managed matured oil palm estate. Generally flat and square land. Very potential for development as it is 3KM from Gold Coast Morib, and 2KM from beach
MoribFreeholdAgriculture116.00040,600,000.008.03Oil Palm 7-12 years. 130 acre total but high tension cable took 14 acre
Olak LempitFreeholdIndustrial97.937110,000,000.0025.78Fully converted heavy industrial land
Olak LempitFreeholdIndustrial73.00040,150,000.0012.63Current status agriculture.
Pahang - GambangFreeholdIndustrial200.00087,120,000.0010.00Fully converted. Near to Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Suitable for mixed development
Pahang - Kuala LipisLeaseholdAgriculture1000.00025,000,000.000.571 year old tree, 99 year leasehold expires in 2102
Sabah - BeaufortLeaseholdAgriculture730.00025,550,000.000.805-15 years old oil palm. 18 CL titles (560 acres) & 17 NT titles (170 acres). 15km from Beaufort Town. Included facilities: Labour, office, workshop, genset, etc. Buyer can take over company
Sabah - BeaufortLeaseholdAgriculture950.00033,250,000.000.802-4 years old oil palm. 1 CL title (823.5 acres) & 13 NT titles (126.5 acres). 20km from Beuafort Town. Including labour, office, workshop, genset, etc. NT titles leased to company. Selling land only.
Sabah - Sg. Merah KinabatanganLeaseholdAgriculture6450.000119,325,000.000.4232 Country Lease expires in 31 Dec 2083. Price is negotiable
Salak TinggiFreeholdAgriculture107.000125,844,840.0027.00Planted with young oil palm. Potential for residential or mixed development
Setiawan - ManjungLeaseholdCommercial64.020195,209,784.0070.00Prime commercial land located at the heart of Seri Manjung, opposite of Tesco. Near colleages e.g. Kolej IKM, UNIKL, Open University Malaysia and Kolej Komuniti Manjung. Mains water, electricity supply and telephone lines are available in the vicinity of
Tg Malim - Sungai DusunLeaseholdAgriculture180.00016,200,000.002.07Road frontage flat land at Sg. Dusun near Sg. Tinggi, access from Tg. Malim, with 5-6 years oil palm tree with good yield. Fenced up. Include 1 lorry with 4 workers. Lease balance 94 years
Large land for sale. Call Law @ 010-2261608