MSC Status Buildings

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MSC Malaysia, formerly the Multimedia Super Corridor and known as the MSC within Malaysia, is a Special Economic Zone and high-technology business district in Malaysia.

To entitle for incentives, rights and privileges from the Government of Malaysia, one of the main criteria of a company is the need to be located in Designated or Commercial Premises within MSC Malaysia Cybercities / Cyber Centres.

Following listed a list of MSC Malaysia Cybercities, Cyber Centres and Designated Premises.

MSC Status Buildings

LocationBuilding NameRental PSF
Bandar Utama1 Tech ParkRM4.80 onwards
Bandar Utama1st AvenueRM5.50 onwards
Bandar UtamaIBM & KPMG TowerRM5.50 onwards
BangsarUOA DamansaraRM4.00 onwards
Bangsar SouthThe HorizonRM5.50 onwards
CyberjayaAxis EurekaRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBangunan Lestari Kumpulan Emkay - Wisma ShellRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBangunan Mustapha KamalRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBasis BayRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBio-X CentreRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBlock 3710RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBlock 3720RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaBlock 3750 (AMD Building)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCBD Perdana 1RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCentury Square 2250RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCentury Square 2300RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCentury Square 2310RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCentury Square 2320RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCentury Square 2330RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCentury Square 2340RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCSF Computer Exchange 1 (CX1)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaCSF Computer Exchange 2 (CX2)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaDell Global Business CentreRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaEmerioRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaEnterprise Building 1RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaEnterprise Building 2RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaEnterprise Building 3RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaEricsson (Malaysia)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaFujitsu PC Asia PacificRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaGlamorous MatrixRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaHP Global CenterRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaKRU StudiosRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMahindra Satyam Malaysia Global Solution CentreRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMeasat Teleport & Broadcast CentreRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMKN Embassy Block CRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMKN Embassy Block DRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMKN Embassy Techzone (Block A and Block B)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMKN Embassy Techzone Block I and JRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMSC Malaysia K-Workers Development Centre (KDC)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaMSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation CentreRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaNTT MSCRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaOffice Block @ NeoCyberRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 1RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 10 (RBC Dexia Building)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 2RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 6RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 7RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 8RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaPrima 9RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaQuill 1RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaQuill 2RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaQuill 3RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaQuill 4RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaQuill 5RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaRimba DigitalRM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaSME Technopreneur Centre (SME 1)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaSME Technopreneur Centre 2 (SME 2)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaSME Technopreneur Centre 3 (SME 3)RM4.80 onwards
CyberjayaStreetmall Shop OfficesRM4.80 onwards
Damansara PerdanaMenara OBYURM5.50 onwards
Damansara UptownDamansara Uptown Tower 1 & 2RM5.00 onwards
i-CityCityPark (Block A, B, C, D, E, F, J, K, L and M)RM2.40 onwards
Kelana JayaThe Ascent ParadigmRM5.50 onwards
KL Sentral1 SentralRM7.50 onwards
KL SentralMenara NURM7.00 onwards
KL SentralMenara ShellRM8.50 onwards
KL SentralMercu UEMRM8.50 onwards
KL SentralPlaza Sentral (Block 1A, 1B, 2A & 2B, 3A, 3B & 4)RM6.00 onwards
KL SentralQuill 7RM8.00 onwards
KLCCGtowerRM8.50 onwards
KLCCKLCC Tower 3RM12.00 onwards
KLCCMenara BinjaiRM7.50 onwards
KLCCMenara WorldwideRM5.50 onwards
KLCCThe Intermark (Vista & Integra Tower)RM8.00 onwards
Kota DamansaraLuxor Tech CentreRM3.80 onwards
Kuala LumpurCap Square TowerRM6.00 onwards
Kuala LumpurWisma Hamzah Kwong HingRM4.80 onwards
Menara TMMenara TMRM6.00 onwards
MidValley CityThe Gardens (North & South Tower)RM6.80 onwards
Petaling JayaJaya 33RM4.50 onwards
Petaling JayaQuill 9RM4.30 onwards
Petaling JayaSymphony HouseFULL
PuchongPuchong Financial and Corporate Centre (PFCC)RM3.50 onwards
PutrajayaMenara PJHRM5.50 onwards
Subang One CityMCT Tower 1RM4.00 onwards
SunwaySunway Resort CityRM5.50 onwards
TPMEnterprise (1,2,3A,3B,4)RM3.00 onwards
TPMIncubator(1,2,3)RM3.00 onwards
TPMInnovation HouseRM3.00 onwards
TPMIRIS Smart Technology ComplexRM3.00 onwards
TPMMaster CentreRM3.00 onwards
TPMMIMOSRM3.00 onwards
TPMPatimas Technology CentreRM3.00 onwards
TPMResource CentreRM3.00 onwards
TPMWarehouseRM3.00 onwards
TropicanaPersoft TowerRM3.50 onwards
TTDIMenara LGBRM6.00 onwards
UPMEnterprise space and co-working spaceRM2.50 onwards
UPMTechnology GarageRM2.70 onwards
There're quite a number of MSC Status Buildings around Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia. The list below collected info of these offices to help people short-listing their MSC status office options to explore.
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