Oil Palm Land For Sale in Malaysia

Salak Tinggi

Size: 107.000 acre / 4,660,920 sq. ft.

RM125,844,840 (RM27/sq.ft.)
Planted with young oil palm. Potential for residential or mixed development

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Gua Musang

Size: 9650.000 acre / 420,354,000 sq. ft.

RM28,950,000 (RM00/sq.ft.)
Land is currently cleared and not planted. Rights to plan either oil palm or rubber tree or both

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Sabah – Beaufort

Size: 730.000 acre / 31,798,800 sq. ft.

RM25,550,000 (RM01/sq.ft.)
5-15 years old oil palm. 18 CL titles (560 acres) & 17 NT titles (170 acres). 15km from Beaufort Town. Included facilities: Labour, office, workshop, genset, etc. Buyer can take over company

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Sabah – Beaufort

Size: 950.000 acre / 41,382,000 sq. ft.

RM33,250,000 (RM01/sq.ft.)
2-4 years old oil palm. 1 CL title (823.5 acres) & 13 NT titles (126.5 acres). 20km from Beuafort Town. Including labour, office, workshop, genset, etc. NT titles leased to company. Selling land only.

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Size: 800.000 acre / 34,848,000 sq. ft.

RM280,000,000 (RM08/sq.ft.)
Well managed matured oil palm estate. Generally flat and square land. Very potential for development as it’s 3KM from Gold Coast Morib, and 2KM from beach

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Size: 116.000 acre / 5,052,960 sq. ft.

RM40,600,000 (RM08/sq.ft.)
Oil Palm 7-12 years. 130 acre total but high tension cable took 14 acre

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Slim River – Batang Padang

Size: 13.880 acre / 604,613 sq. ft.

RM1,318,600 (RM02/sq.ft.)
8 acre oil palm & 6 acre rubber tree. Sg. Siew. 65% flat land, 35% hilly > 70 deg.

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Kulai Jaya

Build Up: sq. ft.

RM100,000,000 (RM38/sq.ft.)
Palm Oil refinery process FFB 60MT/Hr. Edible oil production 220MT/day. Lock stock & barrel

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Tg Malim – Sungai Dusun

Size: 180.000 acre / 7,840,800 sq. ft.

RM16,200,000 (RM02/sq.ft.)
Road frontage flat land at Sg. Dusun near Sg. Tinggi, access from Tg. Malim, with 5-6 years oil palm tree with good yield. Fenced up. Include 1 lorry with 4 workers. Lease balance 94 years

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Olak Lempit

Size: 5.275 acre / 229,779 sq. ft.

RM2,222,222 (RM10/sq.ft.)
Current status agriculture. With reserved access. Currently planted with oil palm

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Olak Lempit

Size: 4.831 acre / 210,438 sq. ft.

RM2,318,880 (RM11/sq.ft.)
Current status agriculture. With reserved access. Currently planted with oil palm

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Perak Bikam

Size: 6.760 acre / 294,466 sq. ft.

RM1,284,400 (RM04/sq.ft.)
Planted with 8 year oil palm. Located 4km from sungkai town and 7km from bidor town, 400 meter from mainroad of Sungkai to bidor perak, fuull tar road excess to enter the land. Generally flat. With water and electricity supply. Can get 100% loan from Hart

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Johor – Kahang

Size: 5498.500 acre / 239,514,660 sq. ft.

RM234,264,745 (RM01/sq.ft.)
Oil palm estate with oil palm mill. Fully planted with oil palm tree ranging from age 3-7. 42 minutes drive from Kahang town. Sell with equipment, mill & skillful workers. Lock, stock, and barral.

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Oil Palm Land

One of the many options of land for sale is oil palm land. While waiting the land to appreciate, one can generate income from harvesting the oil palm trees due to the increase of demand globally.

Increasing Demand in Palm Oil

Oil palm trees are rich in palm oil, which can be found in both the pulp and the kernel. It produces the highest yielding source of edible oil worldwide. At the moment, food industry is consuming 80% from the palm oil production. Research also shows that palm oil and its fractions offer a cheaper yet healthier oil option in Fast Food Restaurants.

In addition, palm oil is not only important in food industry, but also as the main ingredient in producing household and industrial products. We can find them in our daily used consumer products such as soap, cosmetics, shampoo, lip balm, candle, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Moreover, palm oil is crucial in creating biodiesel energy source. Malaysia, as one of the leading bio-fuel producing country, has approved 91 palm oil plants and many of them are already in operation since year 2007.[1]

Palm Oil Plantation

In general, oil palm tree is grown in nursery from 1 to 1.5 years. The tree will start to bear fruit in 2 to 3 years’ time with the lifespan of 15 to 30 years. The initial modal needed to invest in seeds and supplies is roughly estimated at RM3,000 to RM3,500 per acre. According to best ratio, each acre could allow plantation up to 55 number of tree. In terms of yearly oil production, it could achieve up to 1 to 1.2 tonne per acre. Of course, the production volume is very much depends on how the plantation are being managed. After the lifespan of the trees, investor should also factor in the replantation cost which includes the cost of landscaping and replanting the trees. One can talk to MPOB (Malaysia Palm Oil Board) for more information.

Palm Oil Price

Dorab Mistry is forecasting a 16% surge in palm oil prices by mid-year. Some investor commented palm oil is a commodity worth investing in due to its potential of going through a bull market. Malaysia is now leading the position as one of the largest oil palm producing country and the dominant exporter, apart from Indonesia.

Nevertheless, all investment vehicles come with risk. Investment is not about how well one gains profit from it, but also how well one can sustain through volatile market. Oil Palm investing is definitely only for those who are ready to go out all for it.

Oil Palm Land For Sale in Malaysia


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