Residential Land For Sale

Malaysia Land For Sale
Residential land for sale. Call Law @ 010-2261608. Variety of investment opportunities readily fulfilling your real estate investment needs.

Please find the following real estate properties for sale in Malaysia currently available in the real estate market



Bangsar South - Kg KerinchiFreeholdResidential0.74139,900,000.001,236.14Current status agricultur. Can be converted to residential or development use
Banting - JugraFreeholdAgriculture77.96931,187,600.009.18Current status agriculture. Suitable for mixed development
Black WaterFreeholdIndustrial10.4820,999,404.8046.00Current status agriculture. With road access
Black WaterFreeholdIndustrial35,227,200.0040.00Current status agriculture. Zoned industrial. Long rectangular shape
Cahaya SPK Bungalow LotLeaseholdResidential0.3441,500,500.00100.00Good feng shuiAt higher ground in the entire plan. Looking out without blocked view
Cameron - Batang PadangFreeholdAgriculture58058,000,000.002.30
Damansara PuchongFreeholdResidential3.6617,537,256.00110.00Current status uncategorized.
Genting SanyenLeaseholdIndustrial32,100,000.0016.07Current status agriculture. Zoned residential but potential to convert to industry
Genting SanyenIndustrial43,600,000.0020.66
Genting SanyenIndustrial65,800,000.0022.19Transaction mode: Take over holding company. 2 x 3 acre lot
Gua MusangLeaseholdAgriculture10002,500,000.000.06Lease 50 years. License to extract timber and rubber plantation
Gua MusangLeaseholdAgriculture965028,950,000.000.07Land is currently cleared and not planted. Rights to plan either oil palm or rubber tree or both
Gua MusangLeaseholdAgriculture1000050,000,000.000.11Land currently has forest tree. Rights to extract timber and rubber plantation
Hulu LangatLeaseholdAgriculture5.7841,619,520.006.43
Hulu LangatLeaseholdAgriculture6.3522,223,200.008.03Lease expires on 5/11/2092 (77 years)
Johor - KahangFreeholdAgriculture5498.5234,264,745.000.98Oil palm estate with oil palm mill. Fully planted with oil palm tree ranging from age 3-7. 42 minutes drive from Kahang town. Sell with equipment, mill & skillful workers. Lock, stock, and barral.
Kajang - Sungai MerabLeaseholdResidential3.7192,700,000.0016.67Current status agriculture zoned residential. Lease expires 9 Jan 2074 (58 years)
Kemensah HeightFreeholdResidential513,068,000.0060.00Main road frontage. Exclusive area surrounded by high end development
Kerling Tg MalimFreeholdIndustrial27.821,797,424.0018.00Fully converted directly facing KL-Tg Malim trunk road. Currently durian orchard. Flat land. Another 6 acre across the road available for sale
Kerling Tg MalimFreeholdIndustrial6.85,331,744.0018.00Fully converted directly facing KL-Tg Malim trunk road. Currently durian orchard. Flat land. Another 27 acre across the road available for sale
KL TowerFreeholdCommercial7.2501,811,200.001,600.00
Klang - Jalan KaparFreeholdIndustrial1.90623,375.000.28Fully converted. Along Jalan Wawasan 2. Opposite of Sing Heng Trading S/B. Approx. width 600 ft. and length 700 ft
Kuala KraiLeaseholdAgriculture10001,200,000.000.03Lease 50 years. License to extract timber and rubber plantation
Kuala Selangor - Asam JawaFreeholdAgriculture2.531,644,500.0014.92
Kuantan - GebangFreeholdIndustrial250163,350,000.0015.00Fully converted. Sold with infrastructure. In close proximity to the Kuantan Port. Established industrial park in the East Coast.Zoned for petrochemical-based industries. 3 sizes: 125 acres, 62 acres, and 3 acres
Kuantan - Teluk ChempedakLeaseholdCommercial20.9130,000,000.00142.79With D.O. Beach frontage of 2,151 feet. Next to Grand Hyatt Kuantan. Suitable for 5 Star Beach Resort, high end Serviced Residences and Bungalow Villas. Estimated GDV ~800mil
Kundang Batu ArangLeaseholdIndustrial9.096,335,366.4016.00Fully converted. Lease expires 2030 (left 14 years)
Melaka - Alor GajahLeaseholdAgriculture18016,200,000.002.07
MoribFreeholdAgriculture800280,000,000.008.03Well managed matured oil palm estate. Generally flat and square land. Very potential for development as it is 3KM from Gold Coast Morib, and 2KM from beach
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