Stamp Duty

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Duly stamped document will mean the instrument bears an adhesive or impressed stamp of not less than the proper amount and that such stamp has been affixed or used in accordance with the law enforce in Malaysia.

Example of Instruments:

(a) Sales & Purchase Agreement

(b) Loan Agreement

(c) Tenancy Agreement

Important Statute – First schedule of STAMP ACT 1949

No Instrument Value/Basic %/RM %/RM %/RM
  • Memorandum of Transfer
  • Deed of assignment by way of transfer
  • Other documents passing ownership

a) Sale and Purchase agreement price


b) Market value (Whichever shall be higher)

1st 100K = 1% 2nd 400K = 2% Balance = 3%
  • Foreclosure
Price as per order 1st 100K = 1% 2nd 400K = 2% Balance = 3%
  • Tenancy/Lease
Amount of rental 1st 10K = 25% Balance = 10%
  • Transfer voluntary inter vivos

a) Without consideration or much lesser than market value

based on actual market value

b) Love and affection

i. Husband & wife

ii. Parents to children

Compute based on actual market value x 50%

1st 100K = 1%No stamp duty/exempted

50% on total of stamp duty computed based on

  • 100K-1%, 
  • 400K – 2%, 
  • Balance-3%
2nd 400K = 2%  Balance = 3%
  • Subsidiary agreements 
  • Affidavit 
  • Statutory declaration
 Fixed tax RM10.00



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